Plastic Injection Molding Services

Injection Molding is the method for producing higher volumes of plastic parts. We specialize in producing high-quality Plastic Injection Molded parts and Mold tools. We offer machining and finishing services to make tools from a variety of materials.

Rapid injection molding works best for on-demand production, bridge tooling, pilot runs, and functional prototyping. Our affordable aluminum molds and quick turnaround times help reduce design risks and limit overall production costs.

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How Plastic Injection Molding Works?

Plastic Injection Molding Process : Plastic injection molding is out and away the foremost common thanks to manufacture large volumes of finished plastic elements for each reasonably commercial and industrial use. One cycle to make a finished part may take anywhere from a couple of seconds to minutes depending on part quality and size.

Plastic Injection Molding Tolerances : All plastic material will expand and contract under the influence of heat and moisture. Our tolerance guide will give more general information on the characteristics of most common resin types for typical part features.
We will work closely with you to optimize your designs for manufacturing. We will indicate any areas where poor design may produce thermal stress, shrinkage, warping, etc....

Consult our Technical guide for more information on common defects and how to avoid them.

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