Our Company Background

NEXAMS stands as a cohesive team of specialized designers and engineers committed to transforming visionary ideas into thriving businesses. Our profound knowledge spans both conventional and avant-garde manufacturing processes, empowering us to challenge traditional norms in prototyping and production. This approach not only enhances our clients’ projects but also ensures a seamless blend of time and cost efficiency.

Our expertise extends to pioneering technology-driven solutions designed for rapid prototyping and high-speed production, effectively reducing time-to-market for new industrial products. These systems have evolved into indispensable strategic assets, fostering corporate competitiveness. At NEXAMS, we cater to a diverse array of projects, irrespective of size, collaborating with clients ranging from manufacturers to inventive minds.

In addition to our design prowess, With in-house tool room equipped with Injection Molding, Hydraulic Press, and Prototyping Machines. This, coupled with our well-established expert engineers, enables us to present a comprehensive array of prototype to Production manufacturing options.

Embark on a journey of endless possibilities with NEXAMS Manufacturing Services!

Who we are

As a collective team comprising seasoned engineers and designers endowed with extensive expertise in product design and manufacturing, our overarching vision revolves around disseminating advanced manufacturing technologies to individuals at a grassroots level, thereby catering comprehensively to their product development requirements through an unwavering commitment to excellence in service, quality, trust, and building lasting relationships