Prototyping is a vital step in bringing an idea to life, but making a product feel truly authentic requires finishing touches that only an artisan can provide. Are you ready to see your concept come to life. Whether you prefer your rapid prototype to have only basic support removal and sanding, or full custom paint and decoration to simulate the appearance of a production part, we can accommodate your requests with our wide range of finishing options.  We are capable of full painting capabilities and regularly finishes Stereolithography and Cast Urethane models for photo shoots, marketing presentations, trade shows and even products intended for end consumer use.  Other popular finish options include tinting, metal plating, electroplating, anodizing and polishing and vacuum metalization are available for your needs.

  • Surface applications on small and medium sized objects
  • Allows obtaining excellent aesthetic and functional results.
  • Selection of suppliers, cutting-edge technologies
  • Wide range of finishing options
  • Non-traditional unique technologies.
  • Most types of paint finishes and supply other specialist finishes.