Contract Manufacturers

Contract manufacturing services for automotive applications. Materials used include steel, stainless steel, steel alloys, aluminum, aluminum alloys, brass, bronze, copper and Ti. Capabilities include CNC Machining, milling and turning, micro and prototype machining, die, zinc, brass, iron and investment castings, aluminum die casting services, plastic injection moldings and forging services. Specializes in medium to large production runs.

Contract manufacturing is the outsourcing of part of the manufacturing method of a product to a third-party. More specifically, contract manufacturing is an outsourcing of certain production activities that were previously performed by the manufacturer to a third-party. A company may outsource the manufacture of certain components for the product or outsource the assembly of the product. Nowadays, outsourcing firms became specialists during a multitude of services for makers together with style, production, assembly, and distribution.

Many industries use this process. Especially the aerospace, defense, computer, energy, medical, packaging, and automotive fields. Some sorts of contract manufacturing include CNC machining, complex assembly, aluminum die casting, grinding, broaching, gears and shapping.

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