Concept to 3d

Creativity is a quiet revolution going on across world as designer makers embrace the use of new technologies to create and produce innovative objects, for increasingly discerning consumers

Any manufacturing process requires is a three-dimensional computer model. This could be a solid model from a CAD package or it could be a CT or laser scan of a physical part. Comprehensive mold design is another aspect of our service offering. If you are in need of assistance in creating any of these models, our engineers and designers will assist and help you to make your idea practical design.

Image to CAD

Our design team assists you with the planning and concept of your projects. In the design phase of product development there is more at stake than pure speed. Since much of the product cost is locked in during the design phase, you need to get all your ideas on the table, weigh numerous variables, iterate quickly and make important decisions.

To address this challenge of achieving seamless integration, we are equipped with a wide range of CAD/CAM tools, processes and methodologies.
We manage your technology projects through the full life cycle, ensuring that they meet required quality & consistency levels and provide headroom for future growth once they enter production.

We can make your product from idea or proselyte from free hand outlines/2d drawings to a model in various formats. We embrace 3D modeling drawing, drafting, demonstrating & transformation assignments for different Automotive parts, general designing parts, consumer durable and so on.