Enable your business with Direct Digital Manufacturing and On-demand Production

The digital revolution is now breaching the walls of manufacturing as it continues to disrupt digital-manufacturing technologies will transform every link in the manufacturing value chain, from research and development, supply chain, and factory operations to marketing, sales, and service. Digital connectivity among designers, managers, workers, consumers, and physical industrial assets will unlock enormous value and change the manufacturing landscape forever.


The Industry 4.0 model seeks to essentially turn the factory itself into a computer or a “smart factory.” Within each smart factory, modular manufacturing processes can be developed by means of cyber-physical systems merging computer technology into the machines themselves, not simply for remote control and monitoring. These modular smart factories will be able to autonomously enable the decentralization and automation of decisions regarding production as well as be able to communicate and cooperate via IoT with both human operators and other smart factories to complete a full vertical or horizontal supply change.



Industry 4.0 can give companies the means to realize innovation faster than their competition. When fully implemented, Industry 4.0 can help company’s future-proof their business and be ready to compete in a market that can quickly change. Enabling Industry 4.0 for Direct Digital Manufacturing provides ideal solution for on demand and short run production with quick changeovers.


Benefits of enabling Direct Digital Manufacturing through Industry 4.0