New Material Development

We work across many markets, and our active internal development projects allow us to aid clients in developing new materials or reformulating existing systems.  The high volume of basic analytical testing we perform gives us a broad knowledge of the state of the art and our wide range of experiences means we are a unique resource for materials and product development.

The development of new polymers and diverse composite materials based on functional polyimides, fibers, metals and ceramics. Achieving leaps in technology, these are integral products exhibiting specific functions in far ranging fields from terrestrial airplanes to spacecrafts, electronic components to industrial materials.

Development themes

  • Functional polyimide resin
  • Natural composite materials
  • Sustainable Material Development
  • Heat-resistant FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic)

Basic technology

  • Polymer synthesis / Polymerization
  • Heat treatment / Curing technologies
  • Special composite technology, etc.