Selective Laser Sintering(SLS)

SLS uses a moving laser beam to trace and selectively sinter powdered polymer and/or metal composite materials into successive cross-sections of a three-dimensional part by stacking layers of laser sintered polymer. SLS is a process is used to manufacture extremely complex geometries.

The powder with a polyamide base (nylon) is maintained at an elevated temperature so that it fuses easily upon exposure to the laser  which is deposited on a manufacturing platform. The laser beam melts the powder specifically in the areas corresponding to the part. The upper layer fuses to the lower layer during solidification therefore gradually forming the part. The major advantage of this technology is the fact that manufacturing supports are not required, leaving room for your creativity. Shapes are practically limitless with this process

  • Complex Geometries
  • Mechanical and Thermal validation
  • Non-Removable Functional Assembly
  • Resistant To High Impacts
  • Resistant To Aggressive Liquids: Hydrocarbons, Glycols, Hot Water
  • Positioning Parts, Particular Machine Components
  • Parts With Complex Geometry That Cannot Be Removed From Moulds
  • Thermoformed Production Moulds
  • Large Scale Models
  • Small Batches Of Production Parts
  • Architecture, Art Pieces
  • Batch Production Of Personalized Products