CNC Machining Services

CNC machining/milling services applies to metalwork, the tools are extremely versatile and produce custom, precision parts for a wide variety of industries.

From aluminum, brass, and steel, to exotic and precious metals such as gold, iridium, and platinum, precision CNC machining can craft even the most sophisticated designs in the most particular metals

CNC machining/milling has the ability to hold very tight geometric tolerances for many aspects of a part’s key features, such as diameter, true position, profile, and flatness. With increasingly affordable tooling costs and the ability to create a wide range of complex parts, CNC milling is a popular solution for projects ranging from prototypes to full-scale fabrication of unique precision components.

  • Common products crafted with custom CNC machining.
  • Aircrafts and aerospace.
  • Prototypes and custom designs.
  • Commercial.
  • Maintenance.
  • Electronics.
  • Medical, both disposable and non-implantable.
  • struts, and
  • structural components.
  • Mounting brackets.
  • fixtures, precision components.
  • housings and assemblies.
  • Models for design and market studies.
  • Functional and assembly tests or construction verifications.
  • This method allows one to build small series from a master, economically viable part.
  • Preproduction series or small series; typically 5-100 pieces